Concussions are elusive and invisible injuries | Annegret Dettwiler | TEDxCarnegieLake by TEDx Talks   4 years ago

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Concussion feels like an airplane that is on cruise control without a pilot. In this talk, Annegret Dettwiler-Danspeckgruber shares the elusive and invisible nature of concussions as well as the short term and long term effects of concussions.

Annegret Dettwiler-Danspeckgruber M.S., Ed.D. is a Research Scientist at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Princeton University. Originally from Switzerland, she graduated with a Doctor of Education from the department of bio-behavioral studies and movement sciences at Teacher’s College at Columbia University in 1999. Her research focuses on understanding the ‘invisible injuries’ that concussion provides, and to develop and improve diagnostic methods to improve the safety of the athletes that are at risk of concussion.

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