How to Use the Bosch Laser Measuring Tool - Version B by Lowe's Home Improvement   7 years ago

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Once you've decided to complete a home profile, you need to take measurements of your home. You can do this easily by checking out a Bosch laser measuring tool for free from your local Lowe's.

Press the large red button once to turn it on and press it again to turn on the laser. Press the button on the bottom right to choose between feet and meters.

To measure the length of your room for your home profile, place the laser measuring tool against a wall. Aim the laser against the opposite wall. Press the large red button and the measurement will appear on the screen. You can also take measurements of the size of the window or the height of the ceiling.

To switch to area mode, press the button below the red button. Measure the distance from one wall to another, then from the adjacent wall to the other. The laser distance measuring tool even measures volume.

The continuous measurement mode allows you to measure like a tape measure.

To enter your measurements into a home profile, visit

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