Learning Korean, Japanese & Chinese together | Comparison + tips by Lindie Botes   1 year ago

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Hi friends! In this video I discuss the similarities, differences, level of difficulty and tips for learning Korean, Japanese and Chinese, either separately or all at the same time. People often ask me if its possible to learn more than one language at a time - and I say it most definitely is! Stay tuned until the end for some language-learning tips specifically for these languages.

Do you have any other tips? Do you learn any of these languages at the same time? Share your story in the comments!

Video Guide:
Can you learn more than one language at once? - 00:28
Similarities & Differences Overview - 01:02
Similarities - 02:42
Differences 03:22
How easy are these languages? - 04:28
Easiest parts of each language - 05:40
Language learning tips - 06:43

I'd like to thank Lynne Botes and Willem Botes (my parents, camera people, support and script-checkers), Cecilia Miao (from LingoDeer), Brixton Sandhals (my fantastic fellow KR/JP language-enthusiast) and Chanel vd Linde (my friend of many years who features on this channel) and Angela Whittle (Polyglot online friend of note) for their input, thoughts and help while I made this video.


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