Il segreto è in Africa, non in Finlandia! | Javier Romero | TEDxUdine by TEDx Talks   2 years ago

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Sareste capaci voi di rimanere seduti per 6 ore consecutive? Sareste capaci di rimanere 6 ore seduti ricevendo continuamente ordini? Probabilmente la vostra risposta sarà NO. Quindi perché sottoponiamo gli alunni di primaria e secondaria a questo modello? I bambini e le bambine apprendono con il proprio corpo e attraverso il gioco che serve loro come canale per trasmettere valori e processi cognitivi. Javier Romero coinvolgerà direttamente il pubblico in questo incredibile talk.
Would you be able to sit for 6 hours uninterruptedly? Would you be able to sit for 6 hours being continusly given orders? Probably you would say NO. So why do we impose this standards to our students? Boys and girls learn thorugh their body and with games that convey values and cognitive processes. Javier Romero will directly involve the public in this amazing talk.

Javier Romero Naranjo received his PhD in Musicology from the University Alexander von Humboldt in Berlin (Germany), with a PhD dissertation about polychoral baroque music, having Prof. He got a degree in classic guitar and orchestra conduction. Before that, he graduated in Geography and History and then attended a master in "The Arts in the Ethnomusicology" at the University of Maryland (USA). He is currently credited by the ANECA as a professor and teaches at the University of Alicante, where he is also coordinator of PhD programs on "Research on Musical Education and on Movement". He is also directing several research projects about the "BAPNE method" and body percussion. His teaching activities include a number of seminars across universities and training centers in the USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Italy, Germany and Spain.

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