How To Start Your Downswing For Explosive Power by Performance Golf Zone   2 years ago

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Have you ever wondered how to start your downswing?
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Matt Walter shows you how to start your downswing so that you can effectively put the most amount of effort into your golf ball.

One of the biggest things I see a lot of people do when it comes to creating a good delivery from the top of their backswing is that we don't utilize all the forces that we can to hit a golf shot.

So, there's three main forces that we can use off the ground: a lateral force, which is a push from side to side; a rotational force, which, as everybody knows, which is your turning; and a little bit of a vertical force, where you feel like you're jumping up off the turf.

So, we have to be able to use all three, and when we do this, we can use this to create the most effective power in our golf shot.

I have a drill called the 'bump, tuck, and turn' that will get you some more power, distance, and accuracy.

In this video, I also show you a great drill you can do at home.

What you end up with after using these drills is your ball flying at your target, nice, long, and straight.

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