Roles That Made Actors Quit Hollywood For Good by Looper   2 years ago

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Many actors have retreated from the spotlight over the years, sometimes setting the stage for a big comeback, and sometimes never to return. Whether a star has an illustrious résumé or is known for a single iconic role, taking on the wrong part can be the final nail in an acting career's coffin. Here are some roles that made actors quit Hollywood for good...

Peter Ostrum in Willy Wonka and the Charlie Factory | 0:20
Jake Lloyd in The Phantom Menace | 1:04
Jaye Davidson in The Crying Game | 1:58
Carrie Henn in Aliens | 2:47
Heather Donahue in The Blair Witch Project | 3:51
Sean Connery in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen | 4:51

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