How Kenyans run a 10km race in Iten Kenya by Run with Sung   4 years ago

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How do Kenyans run a 10km race? In the morning of August 8th, 2015, in Iten, Kenya, hundreds of runners stormed the road that connects Eldoret to Iten for a 10K race sponsored by Safaricom.

Albert Kangogo won the men's race, finishing 10km at the high altitude of 2,400m in 30:00:00.

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Sung Woo Kim is a runner and wellness content creator. He shares his tips and learnings through his Instagram and YouTube channel. He also offers Mindful Running and Barefoot Running classes in Seoul, South Korea. Currently, he is in Iten, Kenya, to learn from some of the best #athletes of Kenya and document his journey and their training.

Sung is a lululemon ambassador in Seoul, helping the community to lead healthy lives based on gratitude and breathing.

Sung wrote an ebook with PUBLY( based on his time in Iten, Kenya, in 2015. The book is available in Korean now and the translation is almost finished.

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