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Easy Bake Super Treat Center By Kenner - 1990. This treat center had 4 different section. The chocolate candy maker, the soda pump, ice cream maker and Popsicle maker. They all worked really good and it was fun making my treats! Which would you like to try?

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Easy Bake Super Treat Center By Kenner - 1990

0:08 - Looking at at the box
1:36 - Checking out all of the parts
4:25 - Going over ingredients and reading the booklet
7:14 - Filling the try of toppings
9:05 - Making 4 flavors of Popsicle
12:49 - Doing the chocolate candy
15:04 - checking the melting of the chocolate
15:41 - Checking the chocolate again
17:02 - making the cheese & salsa Fondue
18:35 - Checking the cheese
19:32 - Mixing the vanilla ice cream
22:03 - Adding the mix to the ice cream maker
24:47 - Tasting the cheese & salsa
25:25 - Checking the ice cream
26:09 - Taking out the chocolate shapes
27:57 - Taking the Popsicles out of the molds
29:53 - Checking the Popsicles that did not come out easy
30:46 - Making the Ice Cream Cone
31:51 - making the root beer float
35:44 - Making a second more traditional root beer float

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