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How you interact or react to relationships with others, whether it’s your business partners, personal partners, parents, siblings or children is directly connected to how you feel about yourself. Throughout life we unconsciously drag pieces of luggage carrying unresolved issues to all areas of life, interrupting our inner compass. By viewing pressure as a gift, developing greater self-awareness and implementing self-love, you can detox drama and create a more effective and successful life.

Daune Thompson is the owner of Open Mind Consulting and holds a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology. She is a professional speaker, certified life coach and respected motivator. With an accomplished career spanning across 20 years in corporate training and development, program design, life coaching, and facilitating countless seminars.

She has an extensive fitness background and has taught at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She held the position of Director of Training and Development for a national speakers bureau, developing training programs and customizing employee-relations courses for Fortune 500 companies.

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