AVIATION REVIEW of YEAR 2017 - 70 minutes PURE AVIATION (4K) by Cargospotter   2 years ago

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Another year is almost over and as every year I end it with an extensive aviation review. I sumed up the most interested aviation clips I filmed this year, including an Airbus A380 slingering over the runway, a MD11 on a wet runway, a KLM Boeing 787 go around and many more.

Don` t know how many hours it took me to edit this video, probably more than 20 hours. You are able to see more than 200 planes in 70 minutes and this video is probably something for the cold winter days, if you don` t know what to do and just want to relax in front of your computer watching aviation videos. At least that` s what I do when it` s cold outside.

Thanks for watching all my videos in 2017 and I hope you will continue watching my stuff in 2018.

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