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Our national parks and forests are the country’s jewels, but these True SCARY National Park Stories are sure to make you see them in another light. From unbelievable findings to the creepy things found where you least expect them, this list has gathered all the scary true park stories to really scare your pants off!

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Get ready for every variety of terrifying stories in this list. From people who enter a forest to never come out to those finding objects that should have never been seen in the first place, these scary forest stories will have you crying for your mommy in no time. From a “Womp” that you can feel in your ears and chest to a surly marinee pushing you to leave your campsite, the scary reddit park stories in this list are enough to make you shiver. Ready to hear about lost planes never found, bear attacks barely missed, and 100 crime scenes all in our national parks? Make sure to leave us a comment after you watch this video to let us know what you thought about this video and what you’d like to see next!

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Dennis Smith disappeared in Smoky Mountains National Park at 6 year old - and terrifying he is not the only one. From faint drum beats with no explanation to UFO sightings in the middle of a park, you won’t believe the unthinkable things that happen to campers. While our parks and forests are amazing places, the unexplained stories that are created within them are enough to turn your hair grey. Have you ever seen a skin changer? What about a crazed crowbar wielding man? Get ready, because this list has everything you never hoped to see on your camping trip. Watch all the way to the end to see which which terrifying story made our top 10!

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