10 Unreal Versions Of Hulk The MCU Would Never Try! by CBR   2 years ago

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10 Weird Versions Of The Hulk That MCU Is Too Scared To Try!
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The Incredible Hulk first appeared in the pages of comic books in 1962. Then grey, and shortly thereafter green, this superhero story told the tale of a brilliant Bruce Banner, and his raging inner-demon; the duality of man. Since then, the Hulk has appeared in many movies and TV shows. Almost every story telling the same basic story. Yet, there are more versions of the Jade Giant than you may realize, and CBR is here to help sort them out.

Can you imagine if The Incredible Hulk was a zombie? He has been, and it’s as scary as you can imagine. He’s also had his DNA combined with classic marvel villain, The Lizard, creating a scale-filled Lizard Hulk. We’ll also tell you about a Hulk from the Marvel Ultimate Universe, as well as one one from the Ruins mini-series by Warren Ellis.

There are several Hulk from the future. Hulk 2099 came for the pages of the popular Spider-Man 2099 comic. There’s also The Maestro, the brilliant, yet evil, version of the Hulk that has no time for “puny Banner.” He’s not even the smartest Hulk there is, as a “What If” version of the Hulk earns those honors. None of those compare to the Hulk from Old Man Logan. His story is about as twisted as it gets.

How about a Hulk raised among the fire and brimstone of Hell? Yea, that'd be bad. Though, a combination of Deadpool and Hulk might be worse - yet one exists and we will tell you about in this video!

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