How Understanding Conflict Can Help Improve Our Lives | Robin Funsten | TEDxTryon by TEDx Talks   3 years ago

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Robin Funsten has a knack for conflict—more specifically, in its successful resolution. She challenges us to look at the inevitable conflicts we face as opportunities for providing positive and lasting change.

Robin is a Mediator, Conflict Consultant, experienced Educator, Life Coach and Public Speaker. She has been committed to working with community, youth, and families for her entire career helping guide groups and individual clients through difficult life challenges encountered during conflict. Robin has facilitated hundreds of mediation sessions and individual problem-solving sessions. Robin also has presented for thousands of people on the opportunities that can be created from engaging intentionally in our conflicts. She the CEO of Community Conflict Solutions, a business based on the idea that teaching conflict resolution skills can guide long term and positive transformation for individuals, our communities and the world. Robin is happily married and has a young son.

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