Storytelling and a story to finish | Martin Hak | TEDxBrno by TEDx Talks   6 years ago

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Kamera: Kuba Jíra, Roman Zmrzlý
Střih: Roman Zmrzlý

Martin Hak is a storyteller. He tells his stories, stories that happened to others and even those that never happened. His childhood dream was to become an archeologist and he likes to think it has come true in a way. In his mind, an archeologist sometimes digs a hole into the past carefully; he sits down in it and looks at the remains. He puts fragments together, imagines possibilities, and seeks for links. If an archeologist is also a narrator, he can make images from his fantasy world pass to other worlds. And that is not magic, that is a trade. Hak lives on live story telling. He runs courses, workshops and gives private lessons on storytelling or on work with narration in general. He works with parents, teachers, librarians, with people leading other people, with people in the theatre, with psychologists, poets, instructors or pastors. He believes that live storytelling is the most amazing way of making oneself understood and that it is here for those who prefer that to communication.

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