Red Round Rug Revolution | Lara Wernert | TEDxMünchen by TEDx Talks   3 years ago

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Born in 1986, Lara studied Fashion Design (BA) at HTW Berlin and Conceptual Textile Design (MA) at the academy of fine arts at Giebichenstein Castle in Halle. Her work is characterised by sustainable design approaches and the vision of enclosed textile cycles in the industry. Since 2012, she has been designing fashion concepts with her label "Sohreh" inter alia for the Fashion Upcycling store Berlin. Her masterpiece "Hotpot" was shown in the "Textildesign vom Experiment zur Serie" exhibition at the bauhaus-Archiv Berlin, Museum für Gestaltung (05/16-09/16) and laid the foundation for the foundations for the carpet manufacturing company 13Rugs in June 2015.

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