Should we go to Mars? | Ashley Dove-Jay | TEDxNTUA by TEDx Talks   4 years ago

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Ashley Dove-Jay is a PHD researcher in “green” morphing aerospace technologies at the University of Bristol. He is a graduate of the University of Liverpool and the International Space University, reading Aerospace Engineering and Space Policy, Law and Economics. Ashley had led various NASA/ESA-related projects: from spacecraft radiation hardening to space weather disaster mitigation. Most notably, he led an extensive astronauts-on-Mars Desert Research Station in collaboration with more than two dozen scientific and academic institutes. He will demonstrate his latest project “Terraforming” and the notion of making Mars a suitable space for humans to live in.

Ashley Dove-Jay is reading his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol. His research concerns the development of future ‘green’ aircraft morphing wing technologies. He has played a major part in various ESA and NASA projects on space simulation and designing exploration spacecrafts. From the moonscapes of Utah for a mock Mars mission to the arctic archipelago of Svalbard for biological research on floral polinators, Ashley has traveled all over the Earth to pave the path to Mars. His knowl- edge is valuable when solar storms are threatening our communications.

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