Tina S performs a stunning rendition of "The Loner " by Gary Moore by Mark Korvin Slugocki   6 years ago

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She is a 15 year old melodic genius, phrasing, vibrato, virtuosity. The way Tina makes her guitar scream, cry, moan and sing ! Stretching and bending the strings as she pays Tribute to Gary Moore.
I can hear hints of Gary Moore, Santana, and Michael Schenker all mixed together in this fantastic guitar solo.
Elle est âgée de 15 ans génie mélodique, le phrasé, le vibrato, la virtuosité. La façon Tina fait son cri de guitare, pleurer, gémir et chanter! Étirement et de flexion des chaînes comme elle rend hommage à Gary Moore.
  Je peux entendre des notes de Gary Moore, Santana et Michael Schenker tous ensemble mélangé dans ce fantastique solo de guitare.

One can only be impressed by her level of virtuosity. At 15, her technical level is pretty amazing. We will hear more from her in the future no doubt !.
With a teacher like Renaud Louis -Servais she will continue to progress in her guitar playing.
Q: Hi Tina, what was your first guitar?
Tina: My first guitar was a classical guitar with which I started the academy of classical music at the age of 6 years. It was an Alvaro.
Q: What are your influences?
Tina: I do not really have any influence. There are of course groups and guitarists that I like such as Van Halen or Slash.
Q: What is your training?
Tina: I started with a standard curriculum by enrolling at the age of 6 years old at the conservatory of classical music. At the age of 13, I decided to turn to a more Rock & Roll style when I started to play on the electric guitar.
Q : What has so far been the most memorable of your early career stages?
Tina: It is a mistake to talk about career for me. I had a classical education, then through this training I could easily start on electric guitar, but I have not yet had the opportunity to live with particular highlights. Of course, the making of a buzz on the Internet with the Van Halen solo and the follow-up of the buzz with my second video is very impressive. But for me, I have not yet started my career as a guitarist.
Q: How is the teaching with Renaud Louis -Servais ?
Tina: He is a very nice teacher, very professional but he happens to combine work and fun. He is very rigorous, asking me to give the best of myself, and this is beneficial because it is thanks to him that I began working on pieces of a more adequate level for my age. It is a real pleasure and a chance to have him as a teacher.
Q: Given your present level is your work more focused on the musicality and vocabulary rather than pure technique?
Tina: I would say that my work is divided into several phases. Until now, we worked particularly on the technique to improve my playing. At the moment, we work a lot on musicality to remember that one must first understand what we play to feel something.
Q: Any news from Wolfgang Van Halen , who said in a tweet that he wanted to meet with you ?
Tina: Not at the moment.
Q: After Eruption and your version of the interpretation of Vivaldi à la Patrick Rondat, Comfortably Numb any other pieces you are working on?
Tina: I prefer not to talk about upcoming songs just for me not to avoid unnecessary pressure. I prefer to keep the surprise until the last moment.
Q: How does one manage to become a YouTube star with millions of views?
Tina: The environment is very important. It is necessary to have a solid foundation and the base is represented by family and friends. Do not get a big head, remain down to earth, and especially try not to get unnecessary pressure, continue to have fun and not think about getting millions of views, but just to play for my own pleasure.
Q: Do you feel invested with a special mission because you're a girl and you are in a very male dominated environment?
Tina: Not particularly. It is true but it's good to succeed in a world where it is dominated by men. It is important to show that a girl can play as well as a man.
Q: What is your favorite guitar?
Tina: My favorite guitar is the Vigier which you can see on my videos.
Q: How is the collaboration with Vigier?
Tina: There are no special collaboration. However, I was invited by Patrice Vigier to visit his factory. It was a great honor to meet him but there is currently no collaboration with Vigier as with any other brand of guitar.
Q: Do you have any plans to play in a group?
Tina: At the moment no. I focus on my personal work in order to have the fullest possible. Of course, I do not put aside the possibility of being part of a group in the future, but this is not the case at the moment.
Q: What are your next projects?
Tina: As I said earlier, I do not like to talk about things to come. This puts particular pressure on me, and I prefer to keep them for myself to play without expectations.
Thank you for your time and good luck for the future!
Peace & Love

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