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On a recent road trip out to the South Coast region where I visited Warrnambool City Council which operates a Night time collection via Wheelie Waste. Interesting setup as it's usually the commercial sector that does the night stuff in the industry.

Since the trucks start picking up at 9:30pm, I parked up near a main road and watched the trucks roll out. I was expecting to see more than two out but it was just the two trucks that were being used. From a google search I was waiting to see a newer Euro5 Acco doing the pick ups but was greeted by a couple of old bangers such as this Single Axle Euro4 Acco on Garbage and managed to reacquaint with an 07 Acco GenV I had filmed in Manningham that was doing Recycling.

The Mini Single Axle is a suited truck for this collection as all of the Garbage bins are 80L and were not filled to capacity making it easy work for the driver. The truck works right into the early morning of the next day and ideally the drivers can't stop due to the fact that they have other areas to cover on the same night in the outskirts of Warrnambool and then tipping off at a facility in Warrnambool.

Was good to see some old bangers still getting a run in the night collections and waking up people with the loud noise coming from the big Cummins ISC05 engine. I would say that there is a lid must be shut policy in the council due to the lowered arm speed when going down. Other than that, was cool to check out a rather interesting system which should be done during the day in my opinion. Unfortunately I didn't get that classic Orange Wheelie Waste truck I was hoping to see but cheers to the easy going driver for letting me grab a video and Enjoy!!! ;) ;) ;)

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