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Intuitive Healer Training - Energy Healing Class- Expand Your Intuition The Often-Ignored Trait that Leads to Unimaginable Success
What are the secrets to success? Fame? Money? Power? Physical beauty? None of the above, says best-selling author Kim Chestney. She credits a trait all people
have, but may not even be aware of: Intuition! “Intuition is the most important, yet least understood faculty of human consciousness.” Kim says. “Getting
your ego out of the way and developing your inner voice can facilitate well-being and growth in all aspects of your life.” Kim has spent 20 years helping tens of
thousands of people empower their lives and live their truth with intuition. She can share how your listeners can tap into this innate trait to achieve success in
every aspect of their lives. Kim is an international best-selling author and artist who founded the popular CREATE! Festival in Pittsburgh, Pa. Her new Intuition
Masterclass is launching this fall as part of the debut of her global online school, Intuition Lab.

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Colorado school of healing arts offers online courses for developing intuition & intuitive healer training
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If you experience these 8 signs it means you're a highly intuitive empath sensitive to energy

Bouncing Back Thriving in Changing Times can change your life when you see what others have gone through

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