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Check out these benefits of being british royal! From the prince harry and charles to the queen elizabeth herself, you won't believe this top 10 list of british royal perks!

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13. You Own Swans
The Crown claims ownership of all mute swans.
Dating back to the 12th century, the birds were a traditional favorite at banquets and feasts. The right of ownership is still in existence today for any swans in open water. However, in reality, it is only exercised by The Queen in certain parts of the river Thames. And of course, they are no longer served as dinner!
Every year, there is an event called the “Swan Upping”, which is an annual census of the swan population around the river Thames. I guess Her Majesty likes to count what’s hers on occasion.
12. Knights or Dames
The Queen is in charge of conferring all titles of honor including life peerages, knighthoods, and gallantry awards.
As ‘fountain of honor’ it is the Queen’s responsibility to award members of the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces with honorary medals. Nominations are recommended to the Queen via the Ministry of Defense. The two highest awards include the Victoria Cross and the George Cross which both award bravery and gallantry, but the George Cross can be awarded to both civilians and members of the Armed Forces.
Anybody can make a recommendation for a British national to receive an honor. Just fill in the form! If successful, the recipient will be invited to a ceremony, known as an Investiture, to receive their award. If you are receiving a knighthood, you are required to kneel and The Queen will dub you with a sword belonging to her father King George VI. If a member of a clergy is to be knighted, they are not dubbed – the use of a sword is thought inappropriate and they may not adopt the title ‘Sir’.
There’s also that episode of Doctor Who when the Doctor and Rose Tyler were knighted but that probably doesn’t apply here as a perk.
11. Free Time
I’m not suggesting members of royal families don’t have a lot to do. Queen Elizabeth II, even in her old age, keeps to a rigorous schedule of attending state events, meeting with the Prime Minister, and signing bills into laws. Even so, if people cook, clean, plan and generally pamper you in every way possible, you’re bound to have more free time than the average citizen. And let’s not forget how rich this Royal Family is. Going to work takes up most of one day and having a lot of money frees up that time.
However, think about how much time is taken up with buying groceries and doing laundry. Now subtract that because they have a full time staff that sees to their every need.
Prince William and Duchess Kate may be breaking tradition by hiring a part-time nanny rather than a full-time caretaker for their child, but their children will still have a full staff available to them for life. That includes housekeepers, drivers, personal chefs, ladies in waiting, security, and a private secretary -- plus any other type of servant or assistant you can imagine.
10. Amazing Homes
After undergoing renovations, Kensington Palace became the permanent residence for Prince William, Duchess Kate, and their children. Their royal babies will have their own nursery in the mansion the British royal family has occupied since the 17th century. The royal offspring can also look forward to play dates at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Clarence House, and more!
Some of the estates where the royals once lived now serve, or fully serve, as tourist attractions because they come with gobs of history. However, British Royals still live in some of these old, historical homes that are richly furnished and don’t come with a mortgage!
9. Born Rich
Since the British Royalty was lucky enough to make it into the current century, that means they are loaded, which translates into they don’t really need to work. However, many of the Royal Family choose to have jobs.
Like Princes William and Harry, many members of the British Royal Family have done some kind of military service, showing the rest of the world they’re just a normal person, serving their country. Just look past the armed escorts and the fact that their mere presence means their unit is now a high-value target for the enemy.
They could just laze around and minimize the risk of getting shot by simply setting up a few charities, and checking in on them once in awhile.

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