TEDxKarachi - Asad Rezzvi - Motivating People into Action by TEDx Talks   9 years ago

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Asad Rezzvi is the CEO of E Cube Global, an international firm that does training and development with organizations world wide. He is an authority in the field of Peak Performance Psychology with a degree from the University o California at Berkeley. He's trained with Anthony Robbins, the worlds top authority in personal & corporate change work. Asad is regularly invited to speak at conferences world wide such as the regional Conflict Negotiating Conference held in conjunction with the Mayor of Los Angeles's office, conducted at University of California Los Angeles. The Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention in San Diego has produced and released a documentary film featuring Asad, shot live on the day of 9/11,which was shown on CNN Larry King Live. Asad is also the author of a memoir, named My Jihad, a personal account soon to be published by a major New York publishing house. When not working, Asad engages in competitive martial arts.

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