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We look back on some of the lives of celebrities and notable people who died in October 2019. Our video tribute includes pioneering TV and Broadway actress Diahann Carroll; U.S. Congressman Elijah Cummings; original Disney Mouseketeer Karen Pendleton; confetti-tossing comedian Rip Taylor; Jackie Brown actor Robert Forster; Sulli, former member of K-Pop group f(x); Days of Our Lives soap opera star John Clake; NFL hall-of-famer Willie Brown; Bill Macy, co-star of Maude; Cream drummer Ginger Baker; John Conyers, longest-serving African American U.S. Congressman; famed Hollywood movie producer Robert Evans; and Friday actor and comedian John Witherspoon.

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Read the full Legacy obituaries for the life stories of the people featured in this video:
Diahann Carroll https://legcy.co/2oQyueV
Elijah Cummings https://legcy.co/2NiKdMI
Karen Pendleton https://legcy.co/32jZ0eb
Rip Taylor https://legcy.co/2WNJZAi
Robert Forster https://legcy.co/2NiKMGk
Sulli https://legcy.co/36FarAs
John Clarke https://legcy.co/2WKQWSC
Willie Brown https://legcy.co/2JTPOHk
Bill Macy https://legcy.co/2Nk43XX
Ginger Baker https://legcy.co/2WWc3BL
John Conyers https://legcy.co/2CeybNR
Robert Evans https://legcy.co/2NJFeUd
John Witherspoon https://legcy.co/32lTYxY

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