Tyras boi wipes out low level PvP by fl0f   1 year ago

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Late one evening in the western reaches of the Elven lands, a royal guard of Lord Tyras finds himself on a mission to travel the vast forests of Tirannwn and make way for Ardougne, in hopes of finding the secret passage to the Temple of Light. Once harvested, the fabled death alter at the center of the temple would supply the Tyras legion with enough firepower to finally overthrow King Lathes of Ardougne for his ridiculous taxes on beer and bread. After a week of traversing the mind numbering underground pass, with nothing to occupy his time but listening to Hexis podcasts, he finds himself at the end of the tunnel and the pathway he seeks. Entering the cave in search of the long-forgotten temple, he’s met dismay as he’s faced with an unknown dark creature, with horns the size of his whole body. Although the battle extensive and the guard wounded, he ended the beast’s life with a papercut which is deadly in these dark times due to the lack of peroxide. The beasts body decaying, the Tyras warrior finds a black and red bow with claws at the ends that the beast seemed to be guarding. As two more beasts approached, they were easily taken down by the bow’s raw strength and his archery skills. Having something far more powerful than what the Temple of Light could provide, the soldier defects from his days of tyranny and travels to Bounty Hunter where he intends to slay the scums of the wilderness and use their money to pay for next month’s Netflix subscription

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