Vietnam street food - Cooking 100 Snails for 3 People Family Dinner Meal in Vietnam by Raw Street Capture 101   2 years ago

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Vietnam street food is more than just normal food. It's about organic and plentiful sources of food to cook. If you are lucky enough, you will have a chance to eat Snails for street food in Vietnam. This food is very organic and requires a lot of effort to cook. Vietnamese catch snails, specifically land snails from banana trees after heavy rains to make the best snails dish in the world. My Vietnamese neighbor was so knowledgeable in cooking snails. She cooked three different dishes from snails that her husband caught. Serving snails for Vietnam street food, she has opened my eyes for an amazing food experience. The land snails are more tasty, crunchy and juicy than normal snails. I loved it all, the snail soup, stir fried snails and BBQ grilled snails. Such a great Vietnamese snail street food for 3 People Family Dinner Meal in Vietnam
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