An End to Cancer Mortality with Nano-Diagnostics | Matt Trau | TEDxUQ by TEDx Talks   3 years ago

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With the fusion of nanotechnology with biology, medicine, IT and point-of-care diagnostics, some believe
that we may have reached a critical inflection point in mankind’s battle with cancer. Powerful new (cost-effective)
nanotechnologies are now emerging to enable early cancer detection, personalised treatment/monitoring, as well as the individualisation of the immune system of cancer patients (personalised cancer vaccines). Researchers within his lab dream that the full development of such technologies will help empower patients and doctors to engineer an end to cancer mortality.

Matt is currently a Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Centre for Personalised Nanomedicine at the University of Queensland. His research is dedicated towards developing innovative nano-diagnostics to help transform the healthcare system towards early detection of disease, and also to help enable the emerging “Wellness Industry” which aims to dramatically extend high quality human life through a combination of innovative diagnostic technology and preventative measures. Matt is internationally recognised for his innovative and cross-disciplinary research at the interface between chemistry, nanotechnology, biology and medicine. He has co-authored more than 140 publications, many of which appear in the highest impact journals in his field.

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