Rainbow Six Siege - Random Moments | Ep. 232 - Dokkaebi Got Heart Attack, BIG Brain, Fool Me Twice? by BananaGaming   3 months ago

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Hey guys! It's been a while since I uploaded some video. I really apologize for that. So today, I bring you another episode of our favorite series - Random Moments! In this series, I focus on editing and making unique every video that comes out! Well, yes I do use some effects and memes often but the only ones that are good! So I really hope you will enjoy watching this one! Have a nice day, cya :)

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In Random Moments series, I focus on editing clips in highest way possible to entertain my audience and make them laugh. I put a lot of effort and time to pick best clips and edit them into something unique n' special. I don't have a upload schedule, I upload randomly so the best way not to miss any video is to turn on notifications! Want to be featured in next episode? Send your clip in! Thank you for watching, hopefully you enjoy(ed) this video! ♡

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