"Swerve" for Solo Snare Drum by Gene Koshinski by Gene Koshinski   3 years ago

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"Swerve" was commissioned by Tom Sherwood for the 2017 Modern Snare Drum Competition. The composition is episodic and the title references the rapid change of ideas and diversions from the primary musical material, which keeps returning.

FAQ - the door stop (found at any home improvement store) is easily attached to the stick with one screw. More detail about door spring selection is in the score.

Score available here: https://squareup.com/store/gene-koshinski


Video by Marc Hill
Audio by Gene Koshinski and Don Schraufnagel

Because SO many people ask:

The stick is made with a 3-inch spring doorstop attached to a standard drumstick. The doorstop is found at a local hardware or home improvements store (Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, etc). Availability really varies in countries outside the US. The doorstop comes with 1 screw to mount the base of it to the stick. Some doorstops come with short screws and some come with longer ones. The screw should not go through the stick. So, you might want to switch out for a shorter screw if necessary. It's also important you pre-drill a small pilot hole, otherwise it will be very difficult to screw it to the hardwood stick. I've tried dozens of doorstops and some are better than others. They also stretch over time so older ones become more flexible (give it some time). It is best to find a model that had a wider base and goes to a thinner end (rather than those that a skinny throughout). It's ideal to try a few different kinds. Some of the best options I have found are from Menards - just like this:


The knitting needle in this video is Size 6.

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