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After deserting yet another knightly regime and watching his soldiers fall for the second time, the leader of the black knights, bearing the name meatlover666, decides to retire from his combative destiny and takes up a job at the local Blue Moon Inn of Varrock. Several days pass without a conflict, until one fateful day when members of the infamous Black Arm Gang enter the tavern asking for extortion money. The former black knight, with nothing left to lose, engages the trio of bandits. In a matter of 12.561 seconds, the gang members lay waste on the floors of the tavern with their small intestines tied together and nailed to the wall. Luckily, one of the gang member's business card fell out of their wallet in the battle, leaving no other choice but the bartender knight to pursue these wretched criminals. Traveling to the other side of the town, he enters the Black Arm Gang's hideout only to find that, much like himself, these members wear black clothing and follow the ways of Zamorak. Perhaps, their differences weren't so different after all. After 16 Asgarnian Ales, the two put their differences aside and decide to join forces for the greater good. However, just as a peace treaty was to be signed by the two parties, the Varrock Malitia stormed the hideout in blood-thirst for the gang due to their highest ranked thieves stealing King Roald's crown. A battle ensues, but much like others before it, there is blood shed on both sides. While the Varrock Malitia stood no chance against the former black knight, his newly forged brethren lay slaughtered. Having his heart torn apart for the 3rd time this month, he smelts the king's crown into a fresh pair of black armor to create a devilish gold trim and decides to travel to Bounty Hunter, where he intends to eat the livers of his enemies in order to repair his own liver's damage due to the alcohol poisoning he acquired working at the Blue Moon Inn

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