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After several weeks of hardships, moving from settlement to settlement scavenging to survive, a dark warrior once head of his own regime wanders the barren wilderness in search of food. It has been 2 weeks since his last meal. Stumbling across the wilderness ditch in search of sustenance, the warrior finds himself at the outskirts of the Edgeville Monestary, not far from his former glory lay in ruins; the black knights fortress. Desperate for nutrition, he quickly makes his way over to the monk’s garden and eats one of their prized cabbages. Unknown to him, this cabbage, laced with just the right amount of cyanide after a fatal mistake by the monestary’s farmers, quickly went to the warrior’s stomach and the poison began to spread. Within seconds, he took his final breath and collapsed to the ground. It was the end of an era, or so he thought. A few seconds later, there was a strange reaction. His cold, dead blood was replaced by lettuce, his dark robes glowed green, and his urge to eat a basket of tomatoes had never been stronger. The vegan gods of Gielinor had saved the knight that day, unknown to him. Feeling the surge of leafy greens and starbucks coffee flowing through his veins, the dark warrior declared himself leader of a new regime; the vegan movement. Taking what little he has left, he equips his infamous black bucket helm of bucketary and travels to PvP where he intends to smite the meat eaters of the land and use their flesh to construct a new vegan castle.

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