10 Times Gohan Was Actually A Pretty Bad Guy (Dragon Ball) by CBR   4 weeks ago

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Every Time Gohan Was A Jerk In Dragon Ball
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The Dragon Ball franchise has introduced us to so many incredible characters over the years. While most of these characters are certainly memorable, few of them are nice. Characters like Piccolo and Vegeta are cold-hearted warriors that rarely show any warm emotions of any kind.

That’s why Gohan is such an exception. Sure, Goku is a pretty happy guy but his son is possibly the nicest person in the universe. He has no problem making friends with aliens like Dende or even a flying dragon like Icarus. He’s the sweetest and most empathetic kid in the series.

When he grows up, he becomes even kinder. Gohan trades his warrior lifestyle for that of a goofy husband and father. Sure he still masquerades as a silly superhero but most of his time is spent with either his family or at his job.

That being said, Gohan’s not exactly the nice guy he wants you to think he is. Behind those glasses and that big grin is a warrior who is capable of being just as cold as Vegeta. Whether it’s allowing an enemy to gain the upper hand, cowering to a more powerful threat or assisting in the destruction of an entire universe, Gohan has some dark skeletons in his closet. Not only that but he’s all put his poor mother and wife through quite a lot over the years.

So let’s take a closer look at Dragon Ball’s resident “nice guy” and see who he really is. Here are all the times Gohan was a jerk in the Dragon Ball franchise.


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