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At the beginning of the Monash contract trucks #2108 and #2110 were the two larger bodied spare trucks that featured the Generic signage. Truck #2108 was a pretty good truck at the start of the contract and never missed a beat but typical spare drivers just didn't look after it and ended up being the truck new drivers would get given. Since the sudden growth of contracts within the Melbourne Region it was later giving the '1300 Go Solo' signage and was used as a floater truck in Solo contracts around Victoria although 90% of the time it's in Monash. I recently had a look in the cab and it's fair to say it has seen far better days and so has the Monash fleet...

Caught up with it at the start of October last year in Hughesdale picking up Recycling, normal truck was in for a service so this was the last resort and it's a truck not many drivers like using and is known for its weak packer. On this occasion it was being driven by a speedy driver who is a real gun at operating and scooping up the bins nicely. Been 4 years since I last uploaded this truck on here so I present to you all a video of it's current status. Cheers to the driver behind the wheel who is no longer running the infamous Monash Recycling and hope you Enjoy!!! ;) ;) ;)

Here is a link of what the truck used to look like before it was neglected -

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