The Thailand Notebook by PeterSripol   2 years ago

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aaaaannnnnd some bonus content! :D Well I'm not quite sure what was the point of this video but i'm sure glad I made it (also it was a nice change of pace to try something new) My trip to thailand was nothing short of amazing so enjoy this VLOG? of my time spent there

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Also the specific setup is an Ailen RR5 frame, KISS FC and ESC's, Luminer 2350KV motors, and a Luminer 1300 4S lipo.

The tiny drone:

Big thanks to Luminer for getting me the lipos that made alot of the projects possible, the battery that jumped the car was also from them too!
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Site where I get batteries and high quality stuff:
Main camera:

orange camera:


cheap shotgun mic:

bendy tripod:

gopros used:

My 3D printer:

Video editing software:

Runcam 3

Cheap RC TRANSMITTER that I like to use



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