Abused donkey with legs lacerated rescued by Animal Aid Unlimited, India   9 months ago

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This gentle donkey, Angelo, had collapsed when his legs were lacerated by plastic rope, tied together to prevent him from running away, and nearly ending his life. His owner was so negligent he didn't untie them even after they first started cutting into his skin, deeper and deepr until the rope reached the bone. Donkeys are at great risk of abuse, because many owners believe they'll get more profit the less they spend on the welfare of their donkeys, who often get poor quality food, no freedom to graze, (donkey owners rarely own land for donkeys to graze, so if they're not chained they are roaming on busy streets), and very little rest. Their owners are poor, uneducated, and themselves desperate to survive the heat of brick kilns and construction sites. Often the donkey handlers are children and women. Their lives are hard; their imaginations blighted by poverty, ignorance, alcohol and often, lack of self-respect, and many see the donkeys as mere disposable tools. We can help by protecting all working animals, from donkeys to camels, from bullocks to elephants, giving them their freedom to be who they are, with purposes of their own that have nothing to do with serving humans. They are "ours" only to cherish.
Please donate for animal rescue in India. www.animalaidunlimited.org/how-to-help/donate/

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