Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box (Andie Case Cover) by Andie Case   9 months ago

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Hi I know its been a minute since I've uploaded a cover so I wanted to give you guys this. I've been focusing really hard on my originals lately but I also love giving you guys covers of songs that were/are a huge part of my life. Needless to say Nirvana was a band that changed my life & this is my favorite song with my own take on it.
Hope you enjoy. P.s. MAKE SURE YOUR NOTIFICATIONS ARE ON!! You don't wanna be missing any of my new uploads!

Andie Case cover of "Heart-Shaped Box" originally performed by Nirvana

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Audio produced by Benji Burrill
Arrangement by Benji Burrill
Vocal Production by Naph Smith
Mixed & Mastered by Naph Smith
Video production: byjayar & Ajay Marshall
Video Edited: byjayar
Video shoot assistant: Mia Stammer

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