Thor: Ragnarok Radically Changed The MCU And No One Seemed To Notice by Looper   1 year ago

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In the comics, the Avengers take on a little bit of everything -- from alien hordes to hungry vampires, they've faced it all. But the buffet of beasts and villains found on the page meant that the movies would have to reconcile all that fantasy with at least some semblance of reality. It's one thing to have gods, robots and wizards rubbing elbows in a comic book, but in live-action films striving to be taken seriously, that's a bit more difficult. The solution was a consistent theme throughout the MCU films: the notion that in the Marvel world, magic and science are the same. The characters we might otherwise perceive as gods or magical monsters are just aliens. A flying hammer and a rainbow bridge are no different than one of Rocket Raccoon's cool gadgets. The idea is to ground everything in some basis of reality. With the release of Thor: Ragnarok, though, all that changed — and with it, some fundamental aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were scrubbed out. The movie was so much fun, no one seemed to notice, but here's a spoiler filled look at how Thor: Ragnarok may have radically changed the MCU...

Not gods | 1:11
Science and magic | 2:44
Things change | 5:47
Open ends | 8:16

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