Reprieving the Story of ALS | Shohini Banerjee | TEDxLancaster by TEDx Talks   4 years ago

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Shohini Banerjee has a family friend with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The high school sophomore was the Grand Champion at Lancaster's North Museum Science and Engineering Fair, with a project entitled "Effect of L-Arginine on Cisplatin with hSOD1 Disaggregation." Using a readily available over-the-counter product, she has found what could be a promising protocol for ALS patients.

Shohini Banerjee is a high school sophomore. In her free time, she is an Indian Classical dancer, focusing on the Bharatnatyam style since she was six. She graduated as a classical dancer in 2012 after years of vigorous training and continues to do many local performances today. She also loves playing the flute, performing for both the school, Lancaster Symphony Youth Orchestra, and the PMEA band at county, district and regional levels. Shohini is a meticulous student in her studies and maintains her position in the top five in her class. Apart from her passion for science, she also has particular interests in the arts and religion. She loves traveling to India and expressing her heritage. Shohini’s lifelong goal is to become a better person everyday by adopting more altruistic ways of life.

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