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Complete any corner with this quick and easy shelving project. This corner shelving unit's just right for showcasing collections or storing those extra serving pieces. The pieces you'll need? A pair of bifold doors and a prefab tabletop.

The shelves are cut from this 36-inch pine round, and there's a super simple way to divide it into equal pieces. Use a couple of pieces of scrap and a framing square to create a 90-degree corner. Sit the round in the frame, and mark the points where it touches, on the round and on the boards. Then rotate the round 90 degrees, and match and mark the touch points again, rotate- match, and mark -- rotate, match and mark.
Connect the points using a straight edge, dividing the round into quadrants.

Then measure a half-inch on either side of the two lines, and use those marks as the guide to lay a strip of one-inch painters tape down each line. Jigsawing on the inside of the tape makes four pieces that will fit nice and snug between the doors. Put together the pieces that flank the shelves. Remove the hardware from the bifold doors so you have two separate pieces. Attach two dowels to one of the doors and line them up so they're flush with the door face. Make sure it's the face that doesn't have holes from removing the hardware -- you want those holes on the 'back' of your unit. Drill pilot holes, then glue and screw the dowels to the door.

Next attach the two doors to each other. clamp them in place like this, and secure them with screws. You're ready to attach the shelves, so mark the locations according to the detailed directions, then run a bead of construction adhesive along the shelf edges, put it in place, and attach it with a screw and a finish washer. The skin of these doors is too thin to countersink screws, so the finish washer helps prevent splitting. And make sure you're screwing through the solid edging of the door, not the hollow core.

Now you can paint the unit and put it in place -- the perfect solution for showing off some of your favorite things.

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