BEWARE of Cheap Imitation Fishing Reels?! KastKing Compares Baitcaster Features by KastKing   1 year ago

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This video analyzes the components of the KastKing WhiteMax, KastKing Stealth, KastKing Speed Demon, and KastKing Assassin baitcasting fishing reels showing why they are a better value with better features compared to competing brands. All reels available here:

You have to look beneath the surface to see the difference in baitcasters and other fishing tackle products. What other brands offer as a lower price reel may be less expensive because they are not including the features that a KastKing fishing reel has. While they make look the same, and the price may be the same, or less, than other brand baitcaster and spinning reels, here’s what makes KastKing the best value overall.

KastKing can offer a lower price because they eliminate the middle men and traditional expenses that add to the price of other brand fishing reels. KastKing is direct to the consumer. There are no warehouse distributors. Because of KastKing’s advanced business model, competitors have a hard time keeping up at the same price point that KastKing can offer innovative technology for. Other low priced baitcasting reels and spinning reels and conventional round fishing reels keep their prices down by including less features or lower quality features.

KastKing WhiteMax Low Ratio Baitcast Reel

A KastKing WhiteMax baitcasting reel has 7 brake magnets. Many other brand fishing reels only use 5 magnets.

KastKing WhiteMax baitcasting reels have 11 + 1 bearings. We also offer shielded bearings in the body which are more expensive than non-shielded bearings.

WhiteMax uses 4 carbon fiber drag discs and develops 17.5 of drag. Many other brand low profile baitcasters have less discs, or do not use carbon fiber, which is more expensive.

Its 5.3 ratio drive gear is brass alloy, which tolerates the higher sheer pressure generated by the higher performance carbon fiber drag. The WhiteMax pinion gear and drive shaft are made of brass for long term endurance. Many other brands use cheap metals in their gears.

All Carbon KastKing Stealth Baitcast Reel

Stealth’s spool weight is up to 60% lighter than many competitor’s spools. Making it accelerate and spin much faster.

Another advantage of the lighter spool is – the brakes are more efficient with less rotating weight to slow down.

Stealth has 7 magnets in its magnetic brakes. This adds to braking efficiency and fine tuning of braking force. Other brands typically have only 5 magnets.

KastKing Stealth with 4 (as opposed to 3 in most brands) hardened aluminum alloy over carbon fiber discs, has 16.5 lbs. of drag force.

The KastKing Stealth main gear is hardened aero-grade aluminum alloy. The pinion gear is made of a complex combination of 65% brass, plus manganese, zinc and silicon to run smoother, last longer, and have more toughness. Other brands use 55 - 59% or less brass content gears as a cost cutting measure.

There are some smaller reels that weigh a little less than Stealth’s mere 6 ounce weight because they are smaller. Stealth beats them in line capacity.

Stealth’s body is made up of 45% carbon and makes Stealth a cut above the rest. Other brands use much less carbon.

11 ball bearings including shielded deep race bearings. Again, these are more expensive bearings than used by other brands. KastKing Stealth retails for under $60.

Not only is the KastKing Speed Demon baitcasting reel the fastest baitcaster fishing reel on the market 12 + 1, again shielded ball bearings. Other brand high speed baitcasters have fewer bearings. And cost 3 to 4 times more than Speed Demon.

KastKing Speed Demon also features a revolutionary design, easy adjustment, tournament-ready trilateral magnetic brake system that equally distributes the braking force across the spool. It is highly effective technology that virtually eliminates bird nests and fishing line tangles. No other brand high speed baitcaster at any price offers this remarkable feature.

Another plus on the Speed Demon baitcaster is its handle. Speed Demon comes with a 115 mm high torque crank handle and is available in right or left hand versions. Many brands do not over this feature, or charge an upgrade as an option.

KastKing Assassin

The ultralight KastKing Assassin baitcasting reel comes through with a higher 11+1 bearing count, and high quality shielded ball bearings. Assassin has a 4 disc carbon fiber drag like the Stealth and WhiteMax developing 16.5 lbs of drag. Dual brakes with a 6-pin centrifugal and magnetic brake system is an added value.

A bonus on the KastKing Assassin is its carbon fiber high end power handle. Other manufactures charge up to $50 just for a handle like this.

All KastKing® baitcast reels are offered in right hand and left hand models. Many other manufactures either don’t offer left handed reels, or charge extra for them

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