How to find your heroes even when they're gone. | Robert Cocuzzo | TEDxBeaconStreet by TEDx Talks   3 years ago

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For four years, author Robert Cocuzzo tracked the life of his childhood hero--the late legendary skier Doug Coombs-- to the most extreme mountains in the world. What he discovered transcended the sport of skiing, and taught him a lesson in the power of the human spirit.

Robert Cocuzzo was raised by storytellers. Grandfathers, uncles, teachers—the people whom he came to admire most were the ones with the stories. The kind of people who measured their education not by the diplomas on their walls but by the stamps in their passports. So as a kid growing up in a suburb of Boston, Cocuzzo knew that he wanted to put many miles on his tires—and make each mile worth writing home about. He’s captained a fishing boat on the Atlantic. Attended black tie soirées in Scotland. Raced a Ferrari through Time Square and swam with sharks off the coast of Nantucket. Been bitten by a bat in Moab and stung by a scorpion in Uruguay. Then his life as a storyteller found the ultimate muse. His name was Doug Coombs: the greatest skier to ever slide down snow. Today, Cocuzzo is the author of Tracking the Wild Coomba: The Life of Legendary Skier Doug Coombs, the editor of Nantucket Magazine, and a contributor to Outside, Departures, Town & Country, Esquire, & Boston Common.

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