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Miami Hurricanes vs North Carolina pre game
Jon Garvin, DL, Sophomore


On turnovers coming in bunches and also turning them into points …

“It’s fun. It’s special because even in the other games you could see sometimes the ball comes out, it is not actually a turnover. But then we pick it up, we scoop it and then he had the guys, three men blocking for him. So you could see it come into fruition today. So something that we constantly practice. It just came to light really. "

On if the “scoop and score” drill they do will be even more fun now...

"Yeah it is. It was fun because I saw it… You know, I’m rushing and then I see [junior linebacker] Shaq [Quarterman] hit him, and I am like, ‘okay, great hit.’ And then I see it and I am like, ‘okay, I just got to do what I got to do.’"

On if he has ever been a part of a game consisting of six turnovers and three touchdowns...

"Not six. I mean, last year we had a couple games with four. We had a few games with four, and that was great. But six? I was like, man that’s a lot, that’s a lot."

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