The REAL Reason Why Stephen Curry CHEWS On A Mouthpiece In The NBA by MJ2KALLDAY   9 months ago

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Stephen Curry and his mouthpiece have a long chewing NBA history. Thank you to SeatGeek for sponsoring this video. Use code ‘ALLDAY’ for $20 off your first order:

What the heck is this? Stephen Curry is really famous for his mouthguard. Yeah a mouthguard, DEFFFinitely not his shooting. But why does Stephen Curry chew on his mouthguard. There’s more to it than you think.

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It’s time for another story that no one asked for. I’ve always wondered what the story behind Curry and his mouthguard was and so here it. But first, hit that like button for faster uploads. We gotta get more likes on this video than Curry has hit 3s so 2130 likes. If we hit that, new video out on Monday. I also gotta give a big thanks to SeatGeek for sponsoring this video. SeatGeek is a ticketing app for sports, concerts, and events. If you wanna see Steph Curry and all this glory chewing glory, SeatGeek gives you a rating on the seat your getting, red being a bad deal, green being a great deal. You even see the view your getting straight from the app so you can rest assured knowing you’ll see this face at night. So use my code ALLDAY for $20 off your first purchase and supporting them helps support me so check out SeatGeek, nah seriously, link in description. Now that I got the YouTuber outta me, let’s get into it.

Stephen Curry never wore a mouthguard when he played basketball in his younger years. In fact, mouth guards weren’t really used by basketball players. So Curry is a sophomore in college in 2007 and he’s doing Curry like things, moving off ball. Jon Brick of the Citadel Bulldogs is trying to rip through the screen. His elbow comes up and boom, hits Curry right in the mouth. Unfortunately, I don’t have footage of the actual event, but Curry had to get 7 stitches at halftime. Safe to say, Curry probably wanted to protect his mouth after that. So he started wearing a mouthguard. Now we see them everywhere, I mean look even LeBron James got one too. But Steph Curry is the most known for his mouthguard and the abuse he puts it through. So what happened with his mouthguard?

Well Curry would keep it in his mouth but by his rookie year, there were new found pressures of the NBA. Now there are serious eating disorders and I’m happy that Curry didn’t fall into that, but he picked up one eating habit and that was his mouthguard. He would chew on it to keep himself calm and to keep himself focused. It first started at the free throw line when he needed to calm his nerves. Then it started happening on live plays when he was crossing people up. Every year, year after year, he kept chewing on it more and more to the point that the mouthguard was literally hanging outside his mouth completely and that he was just gnawing on that thing. With his first MVP season, that habit got put into the spotlight and the whole world found out, but that wasn’t the only reason the mouthguard was getting chewed on.

Like any habit, Curry got used to the mouthguard so much so that there are actual numbers that support the mouthguard. Damn, I’m about to argue that a mouthguard helps a player play better. The stuff I get to do. Well we know Curry is an amazing free throw shooter, but what if told you the secret to his above 90% free throw percentage some seasons is his mouthguard. Yeah, his mouthguard. The Wall Street Journal did a study on Curry’s mouthguard and it showed that Curry made 92% of his free throws when chewing on the mouthguard versus 89% when he kept his mouthguard in place in his 2 mvp seasons. can we just talk about the fact that the Wall Street Journal actually did a study on Curry’s mouthguard, out of all things in sports, like there are dedicated analysts for Curry’s mouthguard. Curry has even said that those numbers make sense because whenever his mouthguard is kept in his mouth while shooting a free throw, he actually feels weird. His mouthguard auction offs for $5000, just wow. A mouthguard. So there’s that. Steph Curry uses his mouthguard as stress relief and is a cheat code for free throws. We see other players chewing on the mouthguard and they all got their own stories behind it so I’ve decided to make this channel dedicated to analyzing mouthguards, aite I can’t keep a serious face saying that. So what do you think? Is Curry the best free throw shooter of all time?

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