PX 7 vs GX 7 Parts by cjsprayinc   10 months ago

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The benefits of a mechanical purge, valving rod gun are well-known in the polyurethane industry. With the growth of the polyurethane slab lifting industry, PMC developed the PX-7 self-cleaning gun based on the Gusmer GX-7 design. The original intention was for the parts to be interchangeable. Over the course of 12 months, there have been cases of incompatibility with competitor's parts due to inconsistent part tolerances on the critical centerline parts.

This video highlights the difference in part tolerance and fit for the PX-7 and GX-7. We have found inconsistencies in GX-7 parts including but not limited to valving rods out of tolerance, valving rods with a burr on the tip, pour modules that are loose on the valving rod and pour modules that have been drilled and not reamed.

CJ Spray recommends the centerline parts (valving rod, mix module, front and rear packings) for these guns are matched parts from PMC to ensure leak-free operation.

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