How we could teach physics - Dagmara Sokolowska at TEDxKrakow by TEDx Talks   7 years ago

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Dagmara is an enthusiastic physics lecturer at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. When her own children started exploring the world around them, she quickly realised how poorly physics is taught in Poland. There was none of the passion or enthusiasm she had for this fascinating subject so it became her goal to change how physics and natural sciences are taught in our country. At TEDxKraków, she'll show us how this could be done.

Dagmara jest pełną entuzjazmu wykładowczynią fizyki na Uniwersytecie Jagiellońskim w Krakowie. Kiedy jej dzieci zaczęły samodzielnie odkrywać świat, szybko zorientowała się, jak mało efektywne jest nauczanie fizyki w Polsce. Za cel postawiła sobie zmianę sposobu nauczania fizyki i innych nauk ścisłych w polskich szkołach, a w poziomie zaangażowania i miłości do tego przedmiotu nie ma sobie równych! Podczas swojego wystąpienia na TEDxKraków pokaże nam, jak zamierza osiągnąć swój ambitny cel.

Dagmara spoke at the third edition of TEDxKrakow which took place on 21 September 2012 at the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow. Our theme was "Secret Lives" as there's always more to things than meets the eye, but we so rarely take the time to look at what's really going on or what it takes to make life work. This year at TEDxKraków we looked behind the curtain of the apparently mundane and everyday to get a glimpse of some of the unexpected, fascinating, worrying, intricate and maybe even repulsive aspects of life that are usually invisible to us.

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