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Top 10 Best Assault Rifles in the World 2019 - NCT Channel Collection
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Top 10 Best Assault Rifles in the World 2017
War is bad for commerce, evidently except the ‘gun-making’ business. Pugnaciousness is a part of the character of any incarnate being, and so it is of humans. If there is something that transpires unfailingly through history, it is war. War has constantly prompted us in developing new weapons to stay ahead in the arms race. With new advances in science, newer and more sophisticated weapons are being used. Assault rifles have always been a decisive factor in a battle, which made it indispensible to ripen them in every way possible. Years of experimenting and humanizing have given us some very fine assault rifles. The following are the top 10 best assault rifles in the world.
10. AK-101
9. M4A1
8. Famas
7. Galil
6. Steyr AUG
5. Heckler & Koch G36
4. AK-74
3. ACR
2. FN scar
1. AK-47

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