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After preparing for 8 long months, a ruthless mercenary attends the long awaited Edgeville talent show in hopes of winning the Golden Gnome trophy to bring honor to his family. His chosen talent, after much consideration, is to be shooting apples off of his young apprentice's head. Little did his apprentice know, that prior to the talent show the mercenary took 23 and a half shots of wizard's mind bomb, the most powerful magician potion in the entire tavern where the talent show was hosted. Stepping up to his platform, the mercenary prepares himself and fires the arrow at the apples atop his young apprentice, c0wk1ll3r420. In a series of unfortunate events, he misses the apple and his apprentice completely. However, the arrow hit a beer on a table which flew into the air and shattered into 264 pieces on the ground. One shard, of the perfect size and sharpness, flew a precise 45 degrees into the air and severed the throat of the bartender, who fell onto a steak knife propelling it into the air and cutting the rope holding a 2 ton chandelier of knives and sharp glass stationed straight above the young apprentice. In a heartbeat, the apprentice was destroyed instantly. Outraged by the death of his apprentice, whom he vowed to teach everything in the ways of baking macaroni and cheese, the drunken mercenary harnesses the magical power granted from the brews and casts a spell engulfing the tavern in flames. After seizing the Golden Gnome trophy for himself amongst the flames and ruin, he travels to Bounty Hunter where he intends to avenge his young apprentice by gouging the eyeballs of his enemies and putting them together to make eyeball mac n cheese

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