Drawing in the fawn! by planetmango   1 year ago

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I was on a hike recently along the So. Fork Trinity River in Northern California, and I spotted a fawn on the trail about 30 yards ahead. I tried a technique I had read and I got the fawn to walk up to me. It touched/sniffed my hand with its nose SIX TIMES over a few minutes. So amazingly cool!!!

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT attempt to capture or "rescue" a lone fawn unless it is obviously injured. Do not touch the fawn because that will leave your smell on it's coat. Leave it alone... the mother is most likely nearby foraging for food.


So... what was the "technique" I used? I stood then slowly sat still and started blinking my eyes slowly and repeatedly. Never staring with open eyes. As soon as I started, the little one started doing the same. This started 30 yards away, but I hoped their eyes are sharp enough to pick it up. Then it started licking it’s lips and nose, so I started licking my lips. Critters do these things when they are relaxed. I just tried to emulate what they do and create a very relaxed presence. I was astonished and amazed that it worked and it kept walking closer. There were plenty of short nervous pauses, but it would relax again and come closer. It took about 15 minutes, and the last five it was within a few feet or touching me. Incredible!

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