8 Tips for New Merch Sellers to Tier Up & Jump Start the Amazon Merch Money Machine by Rules For Rebels   1 year ago

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I received an e-mail from a viewer who just got started on Amazon Merch but hasn't seen any of his designs sell yet.

This is a common problem for new sellers. Amazon Merch is a numbers game and when you only have 10 shirts listed due to your tier it's hard to get those initial sales.

Early on up until you tier out of tier 10 and tier 25 your number one goal should not be making money, your goal should be getting sales to allow you to tier up.

Once you tier up and have more listings to work with you can do more experimenting with different niches, different types of designs, etc and at that point is when you'll start making your money.

Early on if your paying for advertising realize your going to be losing money, but that doesn't matter you want to tier up. Don't price your shirts at $19.95 that extra $5 doesn't mean anything, sell your shirts at a $0.20 cent profit and focus on tiering up.

I think Amazon Merch is probably the fastest, easiest and lowest barrier to entry business and way of making money onling there is right now. Sure as more people have gotten on it's gotten more challenging but if you stay focused, stay consistant and follow these steps you will teir up and you will start making money.

Think of Amazon Merch as a long term play. Your not going to make big money with 10 or 25 or even 100 shirts, however once you start getting up into hundreds and thousands of shirts even if those only sell a few designs each per month your work starts compounding and that's when you start making real money.

In this video we talk about Dan's e-mail, take a look at his listings and also touch on 8 tips to help new Amazon Merch sellers get out of tier 10, get more listings, and start making money.

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