The Final Piece to a Celtics Dynasty! The Forgotten Option.. by KlayAllen   8 months ago

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How the Boston Celtics Almost Formed a DYNASTY in the 2018 NBA Draft!

A follow-up to the last "Final Piece to the Celtics" video in which we compared and contrasted two options - Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis. We looked at a number of factors before deciding who would be the greatest fit for the team including attainability, fit, durability, cost, etc. There was even a third option, which was to do nothing, hold onto all budding stars and build for the future. But in the end, with all things considered including age, the best option proved to be Anthony Davis. The ability to play alongside Tatum/Brown, Kyrie and others while still reaching their primes relatively in sync was really the deciding factor. Now things have suddenly taken a huge shift. Today, Kawhi is much more attainable than AD, as he is already on the trade market after requesting a trade out of San Antonio. But things are also less certain on the Boston side. After huge playoff showings, trading away either Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, or even Terry Rozier is a much more difficult decision to make. Even if it comes at the other end of a superstar deal. Especially when you consider health questions surrounding Kawhi and the fact that he hasn't given any indication he'd commit with the team long-term. So instead, we look to a different hypothetical scenario. One that really came close to becoming a reality. What if the Boston Celtics were able to trade up into the high lottery and draft Mo Bamba?

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