Holiday Vases and Table Runners by Lowe's Home Improvement   7 years ago

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Need some holiday decor in a hurry? Turn your old vases into something special by making some veneer slipcovers for them. Start by measuring around your vase, allowing for a two inch overlap, and then cut the veneer to size. Stain the veneer and let it dry. Wrap and iron the veneer to activate the glue backing and slip it over your vase. Make a few for a matched set.

Another way to make the most of a glass vase is to give it some shine. Use different sized vases, and measure to a consistent height. Tape off the glass, and give the vase a couple coats of metallic spray paint for a very contemporary update.

All these runners use the same basic idea. Create a pattern you like, then transfer it to shelf liner. Cut out the shapes. Peel and stick the stencil to your runner, then use spray paint to embellish the runner.

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