The weird technique Adam Jones uses to play Jambi (Tool)! Weekend Wankshop 193 by Ben Eller   1 year ago

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Hey kids! Its about dang time Tool made an appearance on Weekend Wankshop! In lesson 193, Uncle Ben here is gonna teach you all the weird left hand "pull thru" technique Adam Jones uses to play Jambi! This is a really strange trick, and i can't say i've ever seen anyone else use it; there are SO MANY bad tabs for this one out there! Learn the real way to play this sick tune!

In the lesson, you'll learn how to do the technique, play the first 2 riffs in the intro that use it, plus learn about the time signatures they're using. Tons of fun.

Playing my Les Paul with Duncan JB Alnico 2 bridge pickup here. Amp Factory Diezel VH4 Kemper Profile for the guitar tone.

What else you wanna learn? Let me know in the comments!

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